How the reins help you

The Bridging rein solves all the problems of slipping and loopy reins by providing an acceptable and non slip alternative to a knot in the reins. The reins do not contravene current BSJA rules, so there would be no objection to them being used in competition.

They encourage, NOT FORCE the rider to maintain the ideal contact and control. If your horse gets too keen or strong, the bridge will not allow the reins to be pulled right through your hands, and you will therefore be able to maintain the consistent contact necessary to stay in control in all situations.

Everyone who has tried the reins so far has said they feel a little odd to start with. After 5 minutes riding they donít realise they are using them, EXCEPT that I am no

longer nagging at them to keep a contact or shorten the reins.

There is absolutely NO restrictive action on the horse in any way. All he will notice is that the feel on his mouth is more consistent and so more effective.

How to use the Bridging Rein

Remember the most important thing is to be comfortable - so to ensure you get the best from your reins follow these simple instructions

  1. Hold the reins where you would normally take them, then fasten the strap well below the holding point.
  2. Thread the strap up towards the bit, and then back through the keeper behind the buckle.
  3. Next thread the strap down through the corresponding loop on the opposite rein and fasten through the buckle at the desired length.

The strap is easily adjustable to suit the rider, taking only a matter of moments to lengthen or shorten the position of the bridge, either by moving it to a different pair of loops or adjusting the length of the strap. If you feel the bridge is forcing the hands into position, then the adjustment is too short and wrong. At normal rein length the rider should not be aware of any imposition. Rather they should feel their hands are perhaps just a little snugger and more comfortable than normal. With the reins adjusted correctly to your requirements, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.


However effective the bridging rein is, sometimes you might prefer to use conventional reins.

The solution is easy, simply undo the strap and remove it completely. You are then left with a pair of superior quality reins, either half lined or full rubber, whichever you prefer.

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