Tanya & Mark Kyle have been riding and training horses for many years. Mark was best Irish team member in Athens, best team member at 2005 Europeans and winner of Hickstead Eventers Grand Prix 2005. Tanya has competed and won at most British and Continental 3-day-events, and was long listed for the Sydney Olympics.

They are both British Eventing Accredited Trainers and teach in the UK and USA.

Mark “We have tried many training aids over the years, but nothing has come close to the Mailer Bridging rein which helps both rider and


Tanya “We’ve been using the Mailer Bridging Rein for some time now. Both our clients and ourselves have been amazed at the results. Such a simple idea and yet so effective. Not only will I be using it myself, it will also make the job of training students so much easier.”

Dr Sue Dyson, MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, FRVCS, (Head of Clinical Orthopaedics, Centre for Equine Studies Animal Health Trust) “It seems such a simple idea, that genuinely works, helping the rider, but without restricting the horse.”

John Bowen, (Top Trainer) “A great idea! An excellent way to teach a rider the correct length of contact. Simple, easy and non-restrictive to use as they really encourage, not force, the rider to hold the correct length. Sympathetic to the horse’s mouth as the rider doesn’t have to be strong to keep the correct feel. Rider, horse and trainer friendly. Blonde Proof!”

Carolyn Henderson, (Journalist and author) “An innovative, effective and non-restricting idea that should help horses and riders of all standards.”

Stuart Thorne, BSc, BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, (Vet) “As with all great products that really work, one wonders why they have not been thought of before.”

Alison Lowther, (Jumpcross) “I can feel the benefit of the reins the moment I get on. Jester’s jumping has improved and I am convinced this because my contact on the reins is better and more consistent.”

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