Testimonials (cont'd)

Julie Brown, (Your Horse News and Features Writer, Events Editor for Your Horse Live) “It’s not often you use something that has an immediate effect - but that is what happened the first time I used these reins. No more loopy reins, no more being pulled forward, lots more consistent contact - there are tons of positive effects when you use these reins”

Kerry Leith, (Horse and Hound) “One thing my horse can’t do is get the reins off me anymore! And he has even given up snatching, as he is now pulling against himself. BRILLIANT!”

Jo Naylor, (Eventer and Show Jumper) “As a rider and competitor, how can we begin to understand

‘maintaining a contact’ when our reins slip through our hands? With the bridging rein, all my rein slipping problems are solved. It is invaluable.”

Diane Ross, (BSJA Judge and competitor) “The next day I rode in normal reins and realised how much the bridging rein had helped me, and I really missed it.”

Stuart Newton, (Riding Club competitor) “Within five minutes of using the new reins, my hands and therefore my riding was vastly improved. What a fantastic piece of equipment, very horse and rider friendly. So easy to use I forgot I had them fitted. SUPERB”

Val Palmer, (Riding Club competitor) “However much the tack shops and catalogues claim a ‘miracle’ new rein that will not slip however wet or sweaty the reins get, they always do. With it’s simple design, the Bridging Rein always helps you hold the reins in the right place, whatever the conditions. Slipping reins simply doesn’t happen!”

Lesley Howard, (Riding Club competitor) “Not once did Ellie manage to tug the reins through my fingers, even

when she ballooned a jump. No more washing lines!”

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